Books on menopause range from easy to read to the more complex and scientific. Patients can become more informed about menopause and its treatments. Here is Dr. Michael Abrahams, MD lists of menopause book recommendations.

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Menopause, Everything You Need to Know

by Nicole Jaff

Menopause-Every-Thing-You-Need-To-Know-Nicole-Jaff-BOOK"The pressure on women to remain forever young can make menopause a time you approach with dread. The thought of battling with hot flushes, uncontrollable weight gain, brittle bones, mood swings and memory loss can plunge you into depression. Is menopause really the end of life as you know it?

Nicole Jaff understands the pressures and the confusion experienced by women in menopause or approaching menopause and acts as their guide through the maze of conflicting theories, the advertisements of companies offering cure-alls and the array of medical options offered by doctors. In her trademark style – thoroughly researched, clearly written and with an essential touch of humour – Nicole explains the theories, the claims and the myths surrounding menopause. She uses numerous case studies of the women who have come to her for counseling to illustrate women’s concerns to support her central theme – each woman is different and so the treatment of menopausal symptoms needs to be customized for her, a one-size-fits-all approach is of no benefit to women."

Menopause, Everything You Need to Know

Dr. John Lee's Hormone Balance Book

by John R. Lee, MD and Virginia Hopkins

dr-john-lees-hormone-balance-made-simple-book"This down-to-earth, easy-to-follow handbook gives women simple steps to find out if they have a hormone imbalance. Free of confusing medical terminology, yet filled with practical advice, Hormone Balance Made Simple gives clear, step-by-step guidance for a natural hormone program that's tailored to your individual needs. Now you can learn which hormones are right for you and how to deal with mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, breast tenderness, irregular bleeding, and other distressing symptoms of menopause and premenopause.  Learn how with the help of up-to-date information about symptoms and causes of hormone imbalance; guidance on how much to take and when to take it; how stress, diet, exercise, sleep and exposure to toxins can affect your hormone balance."

Dr. John Lee's Hormone Balance Book

Natural Hormone Balance for Women

by Uri Reiss

Uzzi-Reiss-menopause-book-doctor-michael-abrahams"Natural Hormone Balance for Women is Dr. Reiss's breakthrough, step-by-step program for women who want to take control of their lives by restoring hormonal balance. This revolutionary, commonsense natural hormone replacement program is designed to meet the individual needs of most women looking to rejuvenate body and mind – and offers astounding benefits for women of all ages:

More energy and stamina, Improved memory, Healthier, more youthful skin, Balanced moods, Less depression and anxiety, Stabilization of weight and more muscle definition, Better sleep patterns, PMS and menopausal symptoms reduced or eliminated, Enhanced sexuality

Dr. Reiss takes the confusion out of the medical information you need to know. In clear, non-technical language, he thoroughly explains:

the important difference between standard chemical hormone prescriptions and natural hormone replacements; which hormone replacements are best for you and how to adjust them to your maximum individual benefit; how to take hormones without worry; how to choose the most effective hormonal gel, cream, pill, or sublingual drops, and when to use them

Dr. Reiss has helped thousands of women transform their lives by achieving natural hormone balance. Now you can tap into the replenishing "fountain of youthfulness" that is not only essential for better life, but easier and safer to achieve than ever before."

Natural Hormone Balance for Women

Shmirshky, The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness

by E

Shmirshky-Ellen-Dolgen-1"Hot flashes flashing you awake at 3 a.m.? Forgetting the names of your very own children? Don’t worry—E, the author of Shmirshky, understands how you feel.

Shmirshky is the first book of its kind—a guide to women’s midlife changes that’s quick, easy, and full of love! Reading Shmirshky is like having coffee with a hilarious friend who tells it straight about hormone craziness and how to get help.

Let’s face it, perimenopause and menopause are still too rarely talked about. Shmirshky turns this taboo topic into an all-inclusive page-turner.

Whether you’re a woman who’s suddenly losing her keys, her temper, and her mind, or that woman’s partner, child, or friend, Shmirshky is for you. Suffering in silence is OUT. Reaching out is IN."

Shmirshky, The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness


The Menopause Makeover

by Staness Jonekos

The-menopause-makeover-book-Staness-Jonekos-1"Staness Jonekos went through menopause and ended up in better shape than she was “in her twenties.” You can, too, she says, if you’re willing to do the work.

Staness Jonekos got engaged for the first time at age 47. Thrilled to have finally met “Mr. Right,” the award-winning television producer began planning the wedding of her dreams. Three months later, she “slammed in to menopause” and was in the middle of “a living nightmare.”

Her book, The Menopause Makeover chronicles Staness’s journey through months of research, doctor visits, diets and hormones in an effort to get her life and her body back before her wedding day. The result: a straightforward, expertly-researched guide to managing your menopause based on her own 12-week turnaround."

The Menopause Makeover