"Thanks to Dr. Abrahams I am myself again! Once Dr. Abrahams put me on progesterone I started feeling like myself again. My girlfriends say “Emily got her groove back”.

Michael Abrahams, MD gives you guidance through your treatment options and validation of your symptoms during menopause and perimenopause

From Dr. Abrahams:

"Menopause treatment and research changes all the time so I am committed to staying up-to-date on the latest information. I use what works best for a patient from traditional to integrative medicine, bioidentical hormone treatment, suppliments, and lifestyle changes. 

Treatment options for perimenopause and menopause are individualized. Managing menopausal symptoms can be challenging because each women is different, with a unique medical background and family history to consider. Through in-depth assessment, clinic knowledge and most importantly listening, I will develop a plan specifically for you."

-Michael Abrahams, MD

Patient Perspective:

“I was in a funk and it was my hormones. I’m 58 and I said I am not dead yet, where did the old me go? Is this all there is? I knew there wass something wrong. I was fun and outgoing and I had stopped going out. I wasn’t dressing up anymore. I am happily divorced and even if I saw a cute guy, I wouldn’t care, I had no libido. Now with Dr. Abrahams taking care of me, I am myself again. Once Dr. Abrahams put me on the progesterone I started feeling like myself again. My girlfriends say “Emily got her groove back”.

Dr. Abrahams takes a thorough history and is knowledgeable, compassionate, kind and most of all he listened. Other doctors, they hear you but they aren’t listening.

I was going to a doctor in Manhattan who deals with Menopause but as I later found out, was not experienced in bio identical hormones. She had prescribed what she called the “Fountain of Youth” and this was not bio identical. I did my research and found out that with my triglyceride levels this manufactured hormone would have been dangerous for me to take. The more I read the more I saw in big black bold letters “do not take if you have high triglycerides” and I thought “I could give myself a stroke!” I immediately stopped taking these hormones.

God forbid somehow Dr. Abrahams didn’t take my insurance anymore, I would sacrifice buying clothes to go to him! Dr. Abrahams is a blessing.”