The Estrogen Dilemma

New York Times Sunday Magazine

Dear Editor,

My sympathy goes out to Ms. Gorney, the author and victim of The Estrogen Dilemma, (last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine section.) As a practicing gynecologist here in NYC, I must apologize for those in my profession who to no fault of their own, have followed the lead of our professional society to obscure the fine print and problematic history regarding the formulas and business of hormone replacement therapy. I would like to encourage the author however, that there has been a subculture of physicians, myself included, who despite some open criticism, have for the last decade pioneered the concept of ‘balancing’ hormones, rather than indiscriminately replacing them, and using molecular replicas of the hormones women make naturally, aka “bio-identical” hormones, with incredible clinical results. To its credit, the pharmacy industry has tried to follow suit by now offering branded true estradiol and progesterone (not progestin) products, but they are still only available in limited dosages and ratios. The WHI drug study was exactly that; a drug study, not a study of hormones.

Best Regards,

Michael Abrahams, MD, FACOG, NCMP

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