Woman can quickly stay informed from these menopause websites. The more information my patients have the better we can work together to find the best treatments for their menopause and perimenopause.

NAMS, The North American Menopause Society

"Promoting women's health at midlife and beyond. For 26 years, NAMS has been the go-to source for everything menopause. We focus exclusively on the topics and issues that have the greatest impact on midlife women’s health. No other organization offers more timely or comprehensive information and resources relative to menopause." 

GO TO: www.menopause.org

Ellen Dolgen

Speaker, Author, and Health & Wellness Advocate. Resources, articles and information on menopause.

For Ellen Dolgen, menopause education is a mission. Spurred by her own experience struggling with the symptoms of menopause, Dolgen has devoted the last ten years of her life to helping other women during this often difficult time. While she’s not a doctor or scientist, she’s “talked the talk” with countless menopause experts, so that she can “walk the menopause walk” and share the keys to this menopause kingdom. Together with her son, Jack, she created a FREE eBook, MENOPAUSE MONDAYS The Girlfriend’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Perimenopause and Menopause, a comprehensive guide to all things menopause.

GO TO: ellendolgen.com

NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Here you can find the newest guidelines from Britain. There is a lot of good information and articles for public awareness that are very relevant and up to date.

GO TO: Menopause: Diagnosis and Management

GO TO: Women with symptoms of menopause should not suffer in silence

Women in Balance

The Women in Balance Institute (WIBI) is an institute of the National College of Natural Medicine. The WIBI community is made up of women, doctors, health care professionals and organizations dedicated to helping women achieve hormone balance.

The Women in Balance Institute was founded to educate women and the health care community about hormone imbalance, and its impact on a woman’s health and well-being as she ages. We are the only non-profit that is focused on addressing these issues for women without bias.

GO TO: womeninbalance.org

Everyday Health

Article on Finding the Right Menopause Doctor. Practical tips on how to find (and what to look for in) a menopause doctor.

GO TO: EverydayHealth.com/menopause

Project Aware

A website by women, for women... offering objective and comprehensive health information, especially related to menopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause.

GO TO: Project-Aware.com

Hot Flash Havoc

A film about menopause.

HOT FLASH HAVOC is enlightening, entertaining, humorous, profound, and is a crash-course in what you need to know about menopause. It has the power to be a life-changing experience for every woman. HOT FLASH HAVOC is the most provocative and revealing documentary ever made about menopause. For the first time this documentary sets the record straight about the U.S. government sanctioned Women's Health Initiative (WHI) study released in 2002, which misrepresented that the hormonal replacement therapy being used by millions of women to treat the symptoms of menopause, could actually increase the risk of heart attacks and cancer. This misinformation caused confusion, hysteria, and fear among women as well as healthcare providers, endangering the health and well being of millions of women, many of whom flushed their hormones down the toilet. This film not only sheds insightful light on the confusion stemming from a decade of misguided facts, but conveys poignant stories shared by real women and in-depth interviews with the world’s most noted experts. HOT FLASH HAVOC provides compelling information about menopause that will empower women for the “Second Act” of their lives.

HOT FLASH HAVOC has helped the momentum of the medical community to finally get the U.S. government to release more data from the Women's Health Initiative study. This vital data can now help begin to correct the past misrepresentations of the study.

GO TO: HotFlashHavoc.net