Below are some articles and links on perimenopause and menopause selected by Dr. Abrahams. This menopause miscellany is more on the lighter side. Enjoy!

The ***** is Back, An Article in Atlantic Monthly

A patient in menopause sent me this article when she was in the throws of internet reading and research. She said "I am so tired of all this information. Finally an article that tells my story!" The article was published in The Atlantic and is written by Sandra Tsing Loh. I found it to be intelligent, funny and enlightening to me on one woman's perspective (including my patient's) on going through menopause.

You can find the Atlantic Monthly article here and please excuse the language!

In Praise of Older Women

This is a little piece from Andy Rooney that some of my patients have enjoyed and of course, it's a man's perspective. One woman who had just turned 50 said it confirmed what she was feeling about herself on her big birthday.